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Can I Touch Your Hair?

I was raised in the city of Philadelphia in the 1960s. My friends in the neighborhood were mainly the children of Irish immigrants as was I. There was Annmarie O’Sullivan whose mom always seemed to be having another baby. We both had the perpetually skinned knees of city kids who grew up where there is […]

Hey Sexy Lady: Hair Edition

The blog title is a play on this video: Which you have probably seen unless you’ve been living here: But I wanted to share a couple of ways that I like to style my hair. My hair is straight, but pretty thick, but I am pretty clumsy. I have never been able to blow dry […]

Hair Chalking at the Shiny Household

My daughter thought it would be fun to give hair chalking a go, so we stopped at Michael’s to pick up some chalk pastels. We found this kit for $4.99 that had plenty of vibrant colors: We also used this: And this: (Don’t worry, it wipes right off) We also used latex gloves and wore […]

Tie-Dyed Hair? Yes, Please

Saw this shared on Facebook this morning as the latest hair trend. If I wasn’t 107 years old, I’d be all over it. Tie-dyed hair from Lauren Conrad Here is the post on the technique from The Beauty Department


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