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Need Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas?

Check out the Gizmodo Holiday Gift Guide Tons of ideas for the difficult to buy for. My personal favorite is the shark shaped dog bed.

The Wimminfolk Are Angry

One of the top searches on Oooh Something Shiny this week, number two behind Maya Sieber, in fact, was: “My husband does nothing every Christmas.” C’mon guys. Step it up. And ladies, if you want to share responsibilities, you can’t be all control-freaky. Your way and the wrong way are not the only options

Have We Discussed Creepy Santa?

My husband bought this Creepy Santa a few years ago. He doesn’t think he’s creepy, but I’ll leave that up to you. He is full sized (in my world anyway– close to five feet) and motion-activated. I try to sneak past him by doing things like vaulting over the banister or Marine crawling across the living […]