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Night Owls and Other Dangerous Creatures

I stay up late, but not in a getting things done kind of way. My late nights have more of a watching murdery shows and arguing with people on the internet kind of vibe.

I like the idea of getting up early and having a Tim Ferris or Hal Elrod kind of morning, but I can’t seem to get it together.

One of my 2017 goals is getting more sleep. My goal is 7 hours a night, but that might not be realistic. I am a month or so onto my moratorium on trolling social media in bed.

This has certainly helped. Even when I don’t get 7 hours, I am seldom under 6 and if I do stay up, it is more frequently because I have chosen to do so rather than out of intertia.

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Top Ten Things to Toss in 2017

1. Balls

2. Wads of paper

3. Bean bags

4. Salad

5. Pizza dough

6. Cookies

7. Coins

8. Cabrera

9. Dice

10. Your silken locks

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Wait. WHAT kind of dog?

I found a site called what-dog.nethttp://what-dog.net that is supposed to tell you what kind of dog you (or your dog) are. I thought, hmmm that sounds fun, let’s give it a go, so i popped in a picture.


Huh. Irish water spaniel. Cute. Ill take it.

Let’s try my dog, Spenser. He’s a long-haired miniature dachshund. Let’s see how close they get.


Nope. Small and fluffy, but not quite there. Let’s try again.


Um. No.


Wrong again.


Close-ish. But no.


Definitely not.




Surely not.


Maybe a very tiny one.


Come on.




There you go.

I’m no expert, but I’d say that recognition software could use some work.

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50 Days of Adequate Books (More or Less)

I have a stack of books taunting me. Most of them I bought with every intention of reading, some were gifts. I need to make a decision on whether or not any or all of them are read-worthy. My plan is to read the first 25 or 50 pages and decide whether or not I’m interested in reading the rest. I’ll donate or give away the ones that don’t capture my attention and start plowing through the remaining stack once I’ve evaluated them all.


K is for Kayak


I spotted my first kayak of the season today. It’s a more telling sign of spring to me than crocuses. We’ve been avid kayakers for quite a few years. We rented one year and bought a couple at a tent sale the following year. We try to go most weekends, mostly local flat water. There are plenty of local tributaries to choose from.

We go mostly for the exercise, quiet and wildlife. We regularly see turtles, ducks and blue heron. On occasion there are mink and foxes.

Can’t wait till its warm enough to get back out there.




Gotta have ’em.

Unfortunately, I’m not terribly good at reaching them. My initial enthusiasm soon gives way to …meh…

Although I seem to be doing pretty well at this blog challenge, maybe in part because of my interest in reinvigorating this blog that I have allowed to go fallow.

Maybe because daily posting has made it part of a routine — a habit (seriously, I’m typing this on the kitchen counter while I make dinner).

I have recently stumbled across a couple of resources that talk about creating habits or systems that you put in place and work at daily, rather than these big ass goals that are waaaayyyy out there and obviously not something I need to worry about today. After all, I’ve got shows to binge watch and the internet isn’t going to read itself.

The first resource I want to mention is Gretchen Rubin’s book, Better than Before. She talks a lot here about forming positive habits.

The second is this blog by James Clear, Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on this Instead.

So, this is the direction I’ve been taking lately.


F is for Fashion

I’m not a particularly fashiony person, but I seem to have developed a bit of a style. In the winter, it normally involves leggings or skinny jeans, boots, cardigan and some sort of tank or tee.

Like this or this from Pinterest.

I like to think that I would be fully prepared in the event I need to do yoga at the drop of a hat.

The summer is tougher. Especially because I don’t like open-toed shoes. I did discover maxi skirts last year which I like.

There are some interesting schools of thought lately, such as trimming down to a capsule wardrobe or employing the Project 333 system.

I’ve even seen some articles about wearing the same thing every day. Here and here too.

Something to think about.