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Tell Me You’ve Seen Bad Lip Reading

These always crack me up. The latest, NFL Lip Reading for 2017 is out just in time for the Super Bowl. You don’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy. Make sure you go into the archives as well. This one is the source of my favorite quote, “An orange peanut! For me? I […]

Obligatory There Will Be Football Blogette

Word on the street (street = Internet) is that the football strike is over. And there was much rejoicing and jubilant dancing. It looks like the beer and pizza industries will survive another year. And in other news, it there are rumors that Favre may be coming out of retirement unless someone finds and destroys […]

Sunday in Buffalo and That Means Football

This is Trent Edwards. Don’t ask me if he is the current quarterback. I have no idea. Anyway. Everyone is terribly excited leading up to the game. People who go to the game sit in the parking lots hours (days?) ahead of time and drink beer out of their trunks (tailgating). This is all good […]