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Sunday in Buffalo and That Means Football

This is Trent Edwards. Don’t ask me if he is the current quarterback. I have no idea. Anyway. Everyone is terribly excited leading up to the game. People who go to the game sit in the parking lots hours (days?) ahead of time and drink beer out of their trunks (tailgating). This is all good fun UNLESS the Bills aren’t winning. Then it’s over. Facebook explodes with Bills Suck, etc, etc and any other example you can think of. Whiny. Apparently there IS crying in football.

Where I’m from you’re loyal to your team win or lose. A loss means, “we’ll get ’em next time.” Maybe today will be a good day.

Huh…while I was looking a Bills pic I found this : “Website encouraging infidelity buffaloed by Bills’ decision to pull ad” (btw, when did headers stop using caps?) Tagline: “Life is short. Have an affair” Nice. Good for you Bills, but what were you thinking in the first place?

Update: The Bills lost, but made a respectable showing. Thankfully, the only complaining I saw yesterday was from people who didn’t play CJ Spiller in their fantasy leagues.


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