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The End of the World as We Know It

I saw this at Wegman’s today. Packaged, pre-toasted toast. It’s the kind of product that made me whip out my phone and take a picture, much like the jeans-designed Huggies that I saw a few months ago. Going for the little Wrangler demo I suppose. But I digress. Pre-toasted toast! It’s an abomination. What is easier to make than toast? What smells better? What is the target market for this, Englishmen with no electricity?

The other whiplash inducing matter of the day was the headline of The Buffalo News today, “Cuomo pitches ‘big tent’ for campaign.” Really? You couldn’t suppress your inner sixth grader long enough to write a professional headline?

Also, we were watching DVR Chuck today and they played the very Freelance Whales song that I just downloaded a couple of days ago. Awesome sound. How many bands are currently using the glockenspiel, harmonium, banjo and mandolin?

Speaking of which, I just started playing the cello, but that is for another day, another post.


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