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Awkward Photojournalism Part Deux, The Sequel, Back With a Vengeance

I have continued to take pictures of the absurd. The only problem with a recurring kind of blog post is that you can’t use the same title, but what do you call it to kind of keep it together. I considered calling it The Earthquake that Earthquaked an Earthquake, just for blog hits, but that […]

Pinball Brain Tuesday

It’s pouring rain this morning, which I really like, but it makes me want to stay home with a book and a cup of tea. The Pacific Northwest is probably the only area of the US that could tempt me away from Buffalo. Sliced Bananas on toast this morning. I almost typed Taoist by mistake. […]

The End of the World as We Know It

I saw this at Wegman’s today. Packaged, pre-toasted toast. It’s the kind of product that made me whip out my phone and take a picture, much like the jeans-designed Huggies that I saw a few months ago. Going for the little Wrangler demo I suppose. But I digress. Pre-toasted toast! It’s an abomination. What is […]