Pinball Brain Tuesday

It’s pouring rain this morning, which I really like, but it makes me want to stay home with a book and a cup of tea. The Pacific Northwest is probably the only area of the US that could tempt me away from Buffalo.

Sliced Bananas on toast this morning. I almost typed Taoist by mistake. I never noticed how close they were before. No wonder toast is the ultimate food of well-being.

Bill O’Reilly was on The Daily Show last night and he behaved with decorum and dignity. He is clearly capable of behaving like a decent human being, why does he choose not to do it? Why does his entire network treat its audience with such condescension? They speak like they are trying to talk small children into taking a foul-tasting medicine.

How do the Jersey Shore guys get so many young women to have sex with them? I wouldn’t shake hands with any of them unless they had been boiled in bleach.


2 comments on “Pinball Brain Tuesday

  1. bananas on toast?

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