Monday Bible Study

For the past three years Monday night has meant for me St. Greg’s Bible Study. I should say fall and spring Monday nights, because the snowbirds are gone over the winter. Yes, I am one of the youngsters of this Bible Study. It doesn’t matter though, because 70 and 80 year olds who are still interested in studying and discussing their faith are a pretty fun bunch. We take a different book of the Bible every semester. We are currently working on the Gospel of Matthew. There are tons of applications to current life and my fellow students are a thoughtful and lively bunch. We also have facilitators who help with historical and geographical perspectives.

Whenever I hear of some group that wants to nail the Ten Commandments up somewhere, I think that we might be better off posting the Beatitudes.

Just watched a “Girl Fight” on Hawaii Five-O that was most decidedly not a girl fight.

Two days until the youngest comes home from college for a couple of days. The big guy is rocking the free world in San Diego.


2 comments on “Monday Bible Study

  1. I’m joining a bible study group at my church. First meeting is Sunday night, then we get broken up into smaller groups that will meet on Wed. nights.

    Is it sad that I’m totally nervous about it? I have gone to church my whole life, but haven’t ever done any true bible study.

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