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Busy Busy Busy

Hey, the lead singer of Bad Religion is on Morning Joe talking about 30 years of Punk Rock.

My youngest is home from college for a few days so we are living in delicious craziness. Always fun to have her her. Tons of laughing, singing and pizza. Much shopping is planned for the next couple of days.

The one good thing about Paladino is that I think everyone is going to stop thinking about Buffalo as a snowbelt city and just think of it as the home of Crazy Carl. Sorry again, State of New York.

I’m jealous of those women who always remember to put safety pins and tissue packets in their purses. My bag is mostly consumer electronics and lipstick.

Yoplait Boston Creme Pie Yogurt tastes like cake frosting. No, seriously.

A falcon flew right by my office window. Supercool.

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