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2Cellos on Glee (spoiler alert)

Yes, that adolescent squealing you heard was me. I cannot believe it. 2Cellos performed Smooth Criminal on tonight’s Glee. The are a couple of Croatian hotties who also happen to be cello virtusos. You should check them out. I’m off to practice my cello. And being hot.

The Latest in Bizarre Searches That Led to my Blog

A lot, a LOT of people search for Maya Sieber from Ice Road Truckers…I will not question their motivation. There were many about The Bloggess (especially Beyonce the Metal Chicken), the cello and ill Scarlett — things that I think about frequently and include in a lot of blog posts. Here are some nutty ones: slutty volleyball […]

So, I Expected Zoe Keating to be Amazing and Talented.

I didn’t expect funny and engaging. She performed Sunday at Annie DiFranco’s Asbury Hall at Babeville. It’s a great venue. You can see more about it in my blog post: The Five Best Things About Living in Buffalo. It wass and intimate setting, probably not much more than 200 people there. I managed to sit in […]

The Procrastinator’s Guide to Inglourious Basterds

I am undoubtedly the last person to see this movie. Here are a few of my observations: Best on screen exchange: Col. Hans Landa: Do you control the nicknames your enemies bestow on you? “Aldo the Apache” and “the Little Man”? Pfc. Smithson Utivich: [confused] What do you mean “the Little Man”? Col. Hans Landa: […]

50/50/50 Challenge

I’m a little reluctant to put this out there since it is pretty ambitious. My birthday is on the ninth. I will be 49 which means that I will be entering my 50th year. My goal this year is to complete my own 50/50/50 Challenge. I want to knit 50 scarves, read 50 books and […]

Can’t Get the New My Chemical Romance Release Out of My Head

This is the “Official Lyric Video for My Chemical Romance’s first single, “Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)” from their upcoming album, Danger Days: True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys.” It won’t be available until November, but its very catchy (thanks to my friend Meadows for steering me to […]

There’s Always Room for Cello

So today I had my first ever cello lesson. So fun. My teacher is a mom I knew from the high school. She comes with an impressive resume and the recommendation of the Director of Music for the school district. And this school district has an impressive music program. Anyway, I think she had fun […]

The End of the World as We Know It

I saw this at Wegman’s today. Packaged, pre-toasted toast. It’s the kind of product that made me whip out my phone and take a picture, much like the jeans-designed Huggies that I saw a few months ago. Going for the little Wrangler demo I suppose. But I digress. Pre-toasted toast! It’s an abomination. What is […]