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There’s Always Room for Cello

So today I had my first ever cello lesson. So fun. My teacher is a mom I knew from the high school. She comes with an impressive resume and the recommendation of the Director of Music for the school district. And this school district has an impressive music program. Anyway, I think she had fun too because she is used to working with kids. She kept giving me more challenging stuff to do.  I will have mucho to practice this week.

My dog is on steroids. They take her on and off. Really helps her skin, but not very good for her kidneys long term.

Every single Ill Scarlet song makes me happy. Here are a couple:



I just found out that the lead singer of The Bravery was in a college ska band with Ryan from CSI Miami.

The more I listen to The Gaslight Anthem the less I like them. They are a little Springsteeny.


One comment on “There’s Always Room for Cello

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