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Wonky Wednesday

I’m even more disjointed than usual today. I don’t even have a title to start with.

Trying to work out the deets on a cool b’day present for my better half. More next week once I’ve given it to him.

Super happy about the Phils win – Halladay’s no-hitter. My husband teases me about being a bandwagon jumper. I told him that at least I can count on my teams having a post season to jump on 😛  It’s hard to really follow your hometown team when you don’t live there anymore though.

I’m sick about this poor kid that jumped off the GW bridge. Not sure how much I want to get into it, but I think that everyone who is blaming social media and lack of respect for privacy is missing the point. It’s like blaming the 9.11 terrorists’ plane tickets. The problem is the culture of hatred and lack of respect that we are engendering. Westboro, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Birthers, Anti-immigrants I can go on and on. They are spreading hatred and there are consequences.

Oh and countdown to iPhone. I have 6 days left!


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