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Can’t Get the New My Chemical Romance Release Out of My Head

This is the “Official Lyric Video for My Chemical Romance’s first single, “Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)” from their upcoming album, Danger Days: True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys.” It won’t be available until November, but its very catchy (thanks to my friend Meadows for steering me to the video.

I’m developing a bad case of cello fingers, but I’m astonished at how quickly I am picking things up. Not that I can play yet, but sheet music is beginning to have meaning to me. I am remembering where my fingers go and can tell that my fingers are positioned properly by the sound the cello makes. I’m really pleased.

If anyone knows me IRL, you may have seen my daughter’s Facebook post about this being the one year anniversary of my falling asleep at the wheel. This was not as bad as it sounds, but it has provided my immediate family with mockery fodder for, well, a year now. This is what happened.

My daughter was scheduled for SATs at o’dark-thirty on Saturday morning. About 2am, my son woke me out of a sound sleep, requesting a spontaneous pickup from shall we say, the nightclub district. After much groggy swearing, I agreed to come get him. I got back to sleep, closing in on 4am, and got back up around 7 to take the girl for her test.

I didn’t know precisely when she would be finished and I didn’t want her standing around waiting since the test site was about 30 minutes away. So I brought a book and waited in the parking lot for her. It was warm, so I left the car running for the fan and the radio and promptly fell asleep. You have to understand that I never fall asleep by accident or in public, so this was completely out of character.

Half-hour/forty five minutes later, daughter comes rapping on the window and jolts me awake. After much laughter and mockery, we are ready to hit the road, so I turn the key.



“What’s that sound,” my daughter asks.

“That, my dear, is the sound of a dead battery.”

My knight in shining armor (White Sante Fe) was summoned for rescue and all was well.

-The End-


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