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The Latest in Bizarre Searches That Led to my Blog

A lot, a LOT of people search for Maya Sieber from Ice Road Truckers…I will not question their motivation.

There were many about The Bloggess (especially Beyonce the Metal Chicken), the cello and ill Scarlett — things that I think about frequently and include in a lot of blog posts.

Here are some nutty ones:

  • slutty volleyball girls
  •  kevin bacon cold war
  •  something on toast
  •  modern day songs that contain iambic pentameter
  •  funny black person (well, that’s not general now is it?)
  •  why do women sleep with the men on jersey shore (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- Good Question)
  •  weightlifting ninja
  •  unemployment oooh
  •  what song should my facebook status be (like lyrics as status isn’t unoriginal enough without googling which one)
  •  how to get my husband to wear a bib  (now THERE’S a fun marriage)
  •  giant steel fork 4 foot

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