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At Least She Didn’t Name Him Kenny

Airline mishap leaves dog in Alaska

 If you thought it was bad when the airlines lost your luggage, how about them losing a beloved pet?


Maybe this is another reason to own purse-sized pets so that you don’t have to check Bowser with your Louis Vuitton.
South Park lovers (my husband is not one– he calls them  “those stupid-ass short people”) will recognize the name  Cartman which is a much better pet name choice than  Kenny, who dies in nearly every episode. Kenny would be a bad pet name for anyone with even a touch of superstition.
(I have no way of knowing if  Carlynn Barrientos, the pet owner, named her dog after South Park Cartman. If could be her grandmother’s name or her favorite superhero for all I know).
It looks like she and her dog have finally been united. With little thanks to United

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