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Top 10 July 4th Movies

Watch anything good on July 4th? I’m afraid I did not, because it was just too nice to be indoors here in Buffalo, but I compiled this list for the next rainy day. Here they are in reverse order: 10. Captain America 9. Air Force One 8. Head of State 7. Dave 6. The West […]

The Yankees are the Prada Handbag of MLB

Nice to look at, well put together, but too expensive for regular folk. I saw Moneyball last week. Great movie. I went with my husband who is a HUGE Bill James fan. I should have made him wear a bib (my husband, not Bill James). I used to buy my husband a stack of Bill […]

Transformers: My Five Questions

1. Why is a robot wearing a scarf? 2. Why can I never tell the decepticons from the autobots when they battle. They need to wear Jerseys. 3. How does Carly have unlimited wardrobe changes regardless of the perilous situations she finds herself in. 4. And about her car, c’mon! No one saw that coming? […]