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Top 10 Workout Playlist

These are my favorite songs to listen to at the gym. They are not all superfast cardio-y songs, some are more suited for weights. But these are all awesome songs that really help to keep me going. I tend to think in terms of one more song rather than X more minutes Walls Fall Down […]

Ninja Weightlifting

I have a question about guys at the gym. Why do they try to sneak up on the weights? I’ll see a guy set up a machine and walk away a few steps before attempting to lift. Or he’ll circle the machine between sets, like the weights are not going to be as heavy if […]

Wookies Revisited

I can finally upload the sound that my gym door makes that sounds like a Wookie. Tell me if you agree. Wookie Noise

Soooo….about that whole losing 50 pounds dealio….

So, the third prong of my 50-50-50 plan has been conspicuously absent thus far. This one is a little trickier to quantify without angst. I will may post a weight loss chart for progress reports and pictures every now and then. I have a dramatically unflattering pic I am considering posting. We shall see. This […]