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Giving the People What They Want: Hemingway, Fitzgerald

I’m not sure when my blog became the go-to for 1920s era American expatriate writers, but it’s kind of funny. I love to look in from time to time on what brings people to my blog. What searches lead people to your blog?

Pinterest Ate My Blog

Seriously. If you are not familiar, Pinterest is a visually lush Internet time suck. So instead of updating my blog, I spend my days posting or “pinning” pictures of pretty clothes or purple hair or cute puppies to a virtual bulletin board. I have a variety of boards which I’ve titled things like Awesome Hair […]

Obligatory There Will Be Football Blogette

Word on the street (street = Internet) is that the football strike is over. And there was much rejoicing and jubilant dancing. It looks like the beer and pizza industries will survive another year. And in other news, it there are rumors that Favre may be coming out of retirement unless someone finds and destroys […]