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How I Spent My Winter Saturday: A Pictorial Blog

I’m just going to send you to Pensive Pelican today.

Mashups, Beet Salad, Sparkling Wine – The Weekend in Review

Girl Talk at Sound Academy in Toronto, Ontario. Great venue, right on the water in Toronto. Plenty of Room, nice bar area. The only problem is that if you are underage, they won’t even let you pass through the bar, and if you are legal and want to drink, you have to stay in the […]

Oh Kayne, Why Must You Be Such An Ed Hardy?

I’ve always enjoyed your music, but now when I hear you on my iPod now, all I can think of is the VMA puppy-kicking episode. I discovered that I can flat-iron the Florence Henderson out of my current haircut, so I may be able to live with it until it grows out. Getting ready for […]