Millionaire Matchmaker – Most Distasteful Millionaires Ever

I’ve been sick most of this week, so this is likely too boring for words. I have mostly been sleeping and working. I did stay up for Millionaire Matchmaker. They had the most unpleasant millionaire guests this week. There was a priggish troll of a gay man and a Brooklyn drunk who was incapable of functioning without his boys (see previous reference to gay man). He made the Jersey Shore gang look like paragons of decorum.

Watch here.


2 comments on “Millionaire Matchmaker – Most Distasteful Millionaires Ever

  1. Patti screaming “get the F*** out is getting old. I know this is TV but she should be coaching people about how to do the right things on a date. and not humiliate them if they do the wrong thing.

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