There’s an App for That – Jesusy Edition

Olive Tree Bible Reader


This is actually a Bible Reader for the iPhone. It also comes in Droid and Blackberry editions. It contains both the ASV and King James versions and it’s easily searchable. I whipped it out at a recent Bible Study session and found the verse we were discussing lickety split. Free.

Daily Ignatian Reflections


If you are as big a fan of the Jesuits as I am, you will love this app. Every day you get a new reflection and prayer. Nice little anytime prayer break. Free

Busted Halo Mobile


This isn’t an app, but it is a very good mobile stripped-down version of a very robust Catholic site. Busted Hero is geared mostly toward twenty-somethings, but I am double that age and learn plenty. As with any site, don’t read the comments or you will despair for the future of our civilization. Free.


2 comments on “There’s an App for That – Jesusy Edition

  1. I need an iPhone.

    I downloaded the bible (King James) to my Kindle. The search function isn’t fabulous, but I can usually get to where I need to fairly easily.

    I am going to spend the rest of my evening reading through the Busted Halo site now.

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