I Have an Irrational Fear of Armored Trucks

I get so nervous when they show up near a store where I am shopping. I’m always afraid that they are going to be robbed and I’m going to be caught in the crossfire if there is gunplay between the robbers and the truck drivers.

I walk quickly (for me) and take a really wide berth around the area where the truck is parked.

I can’t be the only one who is this neurotic about this.


5 comments on “I Have an Irrational Fear of Armored Trucks

  1. hi i just want to let you know that i also have this fear. reading your post was so weird because i swear i could have written it. i also get nervous when i pass them on the road.
    i thought it would help to know you’re not alone! 🙂

  2. I’m right there beside you guys on this one. I actually googled “fear of armored trucks” to see if there is a clinical name for this fear. Nothing. But at least I found that I’m not alone.

  3. me too, i have a fear because there was news of one getting hijacked near my place, now i have a fear too

  4. I too have a terrible fear of armored trucks .I get very anxious scared sick to my stomach and throw up. I cry and run away. It happened today my brother said u must be the only person in the world.i feel better I’m not alone

    • I found this post after googling to see If there is a name for this phobia. I’m not as worried about getting caught in a crossfire as I am scared that some psycho armored truck driver will put his gun through the gun turret and shoot me. You can’t even defend yourself, because the shooter is in an armored vehicle! Insidious. Ugh. Anybody got some Xanax?

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