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Ice Road Trucker Mania

I don’t know why I am so fascinated with Ice Road Truckers. I love Hugh’s big laugh, Alex’s jovial Catholicism, Lisa’s juxtaposition of toughness and femininity. I could do without Rick’s whining, but he’s back with his own truck, so he will have only himself to blame for any shortcomings.

They are driving multiple locations this season including a newly frozen swampy area that is heavily rutted and uneven because the surface constantly thaws and refreezes. Hugh was bouncing around the cab like a rag doll. This road is incredibly tough on the rigs as well.

There are some newbies this year. A know it all from Alabama and a woman from NYC who is chomping at the bit to take a shot at the ice roads and sporting a Kenworth tattoo on the nape of her neck . She was pretty surprised at how steep the roads are. I hope she makes it. We could use a little more “girl power.” Lisa is feistier than ever and has dyed her hair red to match her “fiery personality” ( her words) so she should be fun to watch.

Not sure if the Alabama trucker is going to cut it. He showed up with 25 years experience, a chip on his shoulder and an inability to take criticism. He thought that he was being micromanaged because the gentleman assessing his driving insisted that he get out of the middle of the road and move to the right.

This premiere showed promise. I still loved the first year best and the Indian edition did nothing for me at all, but I think this has the potential to be a good season.


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