It’s Like Wearing a Bra Made of Clouds

Genie Bra – A Review

I have seen these infomercials on television and the bras look pretty good, but infomercial products always do.

They had a variety of women wearing them all supposedly D cups in varying back sizes and they all looked smooth, lifted and faboo in these bras.

I figured I could see myself trying one if it was 20 bucks or so. Unfortunately as it frequently is with infomercials, they don’t want you to try one, they want you to buy 197 of them for 12 low low monthly payments of $99.99. So I didn’t give it another thought.

Then one day I saw them while shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond. They were sold in a box of two for $19.99 which seemed entirely reasonable.

My shopping companion and I looked at back of the box and saw that the bras were sold by shirt size, so technically we should wear the same size even though I am a B cup and my companion is considerably further down the alphabet. We decided to buy a pack and try one each.

Companion tried hers first and tells me it was laughable. There simply wasn’t enough fabric to accommodate someone with a substantial amount of breast tissue and the paddy things that go in the front for a “smooth look” (read – high beam prevention units) was not up to the task. (Imagine putting a yarmulke on a basketball)

For me, on the other hand- awesome. It feels like I am wearing nothing, but have complete motion control. I am test driving it today, on casual Friday. I’m wearing a slim fitting tee and have plenty of lift and support and because of the sportsbra like structure a completely smooth rear view, even under slim fitted stretch cotton.

There is nothing to pinch or bind and it doesn’t roll up. It’s impossible to overstate how comfortable this Genie Bra is. It’s like wearing a bra made of clouds

I would highly recommend it for up to a C cup, but I honestly don’t see how it would work on anyone of a larger cup size.


5 comments on “It’s Like Wearing a Bra Made of Clouds

  1. If only they had u on their marketing team, by golly I want a bra made of clouds. Get that 20% off coupon and that’s quite the bargain – just need to post your disclaimer that you were not compensated for said cloud analogy 😉

  2. You’ve convinced me. I have to try it.

  3. The older I get, the LONGER my cup size gets! LOL…Loved the read! T:)

  4. I have been wanting and wanting to try the Cloud Lifter Upper.

    $19.99 w/ a coupon ~ I’m worth it.

    spanks for the trial run!

    -) Duffer

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