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Project Runway – What Women Want?

Way overdue, quel dommage. I’ve been busy saving puppies from burning buildings.

1. First of all, I’d like to offer my condolences to the familes of any viewers who used the word, “boobs” for their Project Runway drinking game. For the love of Mike. Between Bert’s breast-obsessed clients to Oliver standing on a chair and shrieking anytime anyone larger than an A cup entered the room, I must have heard “boobs” 175 times. (PS. Viktor should have won. His design was awesome).

2. I can’t believe there is another team challenge coming up. No doubt they do it for the drama, an unpleasant side effect of  having moved from Bravo to Lifetime, home of such movie classics as Don’t Take My Baby, Who Took My Baby and Gimme Back My Belly Fruit.

Please bring back the design and lose the drama.  The drama focus is what has made all the Housewives franchises grow so dull. When I tried watching some of them a couple of years ago, I would mute the TV whenever they started bickering. Last year I realized that I was muting pretty much the entire show. This year I haven’t bothered at all.

There are only three reasons to watch Project Runway in it’s current iteration:

1. Tim Gunn, Tim Gunn, Tim Gunn (although he’s starting to seem like he’s just over it)

2. Michael Kors quotes.

3. Finding out how much shorter Heidi Klum’s skirt has to get before it is classified as a cumberbund.


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