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Shark Dog? I’ll Show You Shark Dog!

We are hosting guest dog Molly over winter break:

She is from South Carolina and is none too pleased with being required to go out into the cold to do her business, even though this has been a mild Buffalo winter. She complains about this frequently to The Management.

She is a tiny little daschund and could not me more different from our dear, recently departed Akeesha, a large golden retriever, but she has certainly brought smiles to our faces and made Akeesha’s absence a little easier to take over the holidays.

We frequently referred to Akeesha as “Sharkdog” because of her love of bumping into the bathroom door, much like a shark bumps its potential prey before sampling a tasty chunk of leg or torso.

Apparently Molly has overheard these discussions and gotten jealous, even though she headbutts the bathroom door, in her own sharklike way.

She decided that the best way to demonstrate her sharkworthiness was to eat a half a bag of Gummy Sharks which have been left unattended:

This is all that was left post-molly

She promptly vomited on my daughter, which may or may not have anything to do with the fact that she was wearing a Red Sox hoodie. I don’t know. I’m a National League kind of gal (Go Phillies!).

TMI Warning:

Molly’s vomit was a bright blue green gel, so I was frantically running up and down the stairs looking for what she had gotten into, thinking that it was some sort of a cleaning product.


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