Can Someone Tell Me Why Tampons Need to Be Radiant?

…I am befuddled…

Update: it’s come to my attention that these tampons come with resealable wrappers. I can see how this could be a concern because improperly sealed rappers return as holograms.


4 comments on “Can Someone Tell Me Why Tampons Need to Be Radiant?

  1. Don’t you want your vagina to be sparkly when it’s a bloody goopy pooping cramping bloated mess? I mean DUH.

    I wonder if this would make me prettier if I wore it somewhere else other than my jj?

  2. Hahaha! I was thinking along the same lines today when I saw ‘designer patterned pads’ with flower pictures all over them. It’s a female hygiene product, they can make it as radiant and as pretty as they want, but it isn’t going to stay that way 😛

  3. Obviously it is for safety. You can’t be too careful.

  4. I wish they made Batman tampons.

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