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Foursquare for Smartasses

Foursquare is a fun and free app for iPhone and Android. Once you download the app, you can use it to “Check In” wherever you are. Foursquare can then announce your presence to your friends and followers on Facebook or Twitter.

You can compete with your friends to earn the most check in points.

You can become Mayor of places that you visit most frequently.

You can create your own places. I created Cellotown and I check in every time I play.

Some businesses provide deals that you have access to by checking in.

You can find contact information and directions to businesses and it’s way quicker than googling.

The smartass part part comes in the tips section. You can add something helpful such as “The clam chowder is great” or you can say something like, “You can have your salad served in a bread bowl or a human head!”

People commonly create check-ins for their homes. I would love to check into the homes of random people. I would especially like to usurp them of their mayorship.

Now someone just has to stop me before I download Instagram.


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