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My Favorite Nora Ephron Movie

I’m saddened, as are so many, by the death of Nora Ephron. She was funny and snarky and real and her dialog is second only to Aaron Sorkin.

Her diner scene in When Harry met Sally is a classic and sadly that is pretty much how I order meals. I don’t seem to have the same results though.

My favorite of her movies, though was Heartburn. Heartburn is a thinly veiled autobiographical account of her marriage to Carl Bernstein of All the President’s Men fame.

This movie was a perfect storm of geekish pleasure for me because I spent my teen years obsessed with Watergate, most particularly Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward’s investigative reporting of the scandal. (yes, I am well aware that this is not normal teenage behavior).

It was, however, deliciously intimate. I enjoyed her most recent collection of essays, I Remember Nothing. I was not as fond of the earlier I Feel Bad About By Neck.

What is your favorite Ephron book or Screenplay?


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