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The Absurdities Just Keep on Coming

I saw this book at Barnes & Noble last night. I think this is the first book I’ve seen that actively targeted the tween eating disordered market. Perhaps they can bundle it with a nice volume on cutting from the how-to section.

THIS, on the other hand is superfun from Slate.com. It’s an interactive map displaying the common google autocorrects that are generated by user searches about different US States. Now you can find out if people think your state is fat, humid or liberal.

And finally, I haven’t posted much about Spenser, our rescue pup. We’ve had him for 5 months and we are having a lot of fun with him. Some of us are having more fun than others:


One comment on “The Absurdities Just Keep on Coming

  1. I LOVE that puppy picture. The book, not so much. 🙂

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