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A Very Shiny Review of The Words

Really enjoyable movie. The structure of the movie was unexpected, a sort of story within a story within a story. (yes, I know Inception already did that) I won’t be spoiling anything by telling you that it’s the story of a struggling young writer who finds a manuscript and passes it off as his own. Bradley Cooper plays the writer Rory Jansen, talented in his own right, but he is a victim of market forces that deem his work unpublishable.

His father is initially supportive and has bankrolled him for some time, but he is at the end of his checkbook and is ready for writer to man up and get a real job and confine his writing to the off hours,

Zoe Saldana plays his beautiful supportive wife, Dora. Thats it. No depth. No background. No mention of her job, her hobbies, her family, just her supportive wife. Don’t get me wrong, if I was a guy in the market for a beautiful supportive wife, Zoe Saldana would definitely make the cut, but I’m not, so I would like my female characters fleshed out just a bit, thankyouverymuch.

The manner in which writer finds the manuscript will bring a nod of recognition to Hemingway fans, as Hemingway’s first wife Hadley, made a similar error, which dealt a serious blow to their relationship.

Dennis Quaid plays the narrator, Clay Hammond and Olivia Wilde his literary groupie, Daniella. They had an astonishing lack of chemistry which I hope was by design since the difference between their ages is so vast that the only thing he should be giving her is a pocketful of butterscotch candy.

Daniella draws Clay out, asking the questions that we want to ask, but that he has refused to ask himself.

Jeremy Irons plays the old man, the author of the manuscript and you will have to see the movie yourself to find out what repercussions, if any Rory faces for his no longer faceless deception.


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