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My Plan to Become a Born-Again Voracious Reader

I’ve been a big reader for as long as I remember. The last few years I have been slacking off though. Mostly because there are a million distractions from binge watching Vampire Diaries to live tweeting reality shows to trying to find the end of the internet.

I think another problem is that I tend to read multiple books at once, so I never get really engaged in a single book. If I’m not dying I find out what happens next, when I have down time I’m more likely to fool around on my iPad than I am to crack open a book.

But I have stacks of unread books, so the first step will be to power through them. A couple of self-imposed rules:

1. One book at a time.
2. Non-fiction books don’t necessarily need to be read cover-to-cover.
3. I don’t have to finish every book, but I need to give each one a chance, then let it go if I don’t want to finish it, I can just let it go. Donate or whatever, but I don’t need to add it to the guilt pile.

Here are the first ten I am starting with:

This is your Brain on Music — Daniel j Levitin
The Falls — Joyce Carol Oates
Last Train to Paradise — Les Standiford
Highland Fling — Nancy Mittford
The Flu Season — Will Eno
The Ultimate Sales Machine — Chet Holmes
Behan, the Complete Plays — Brendan Behan
A First Rate Madness — Nassir Ghaemi
Content Marketing — Rebecca Lieb
American Buffalo — Daved Mamet

What are your strategies for making reading a priority?


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