C is for Creativity


Creativity intimidates people. They treat it like some mystical, esoteric elixir bestowed upon us grudgingly  by some penurious muse — the purview of artists and writers alone.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Creativity is everywhere and within reach of everyone.

  • A dad who finds a way to coax a reluctant child to sleep.
  • A woman on a tight budget who creates tasty meals from her pantry.
  • An entrepreneur who identifies an under served market.
  • An six-year-old who amuses himself with a couple of sticks
  • And of course, writers like you and I.

Here are a couple of interesting notes about creation and criticism from Martha Beck and fear and creativity from Karen Thompson Walker and a Psychology Today article on Albert Einstein.

Pay attention over the next couple of days. Try to identify at least three creative things you do. Any time you use non-linear thinking to solve a problem or reach a goal. Share what you learn in comments if you like.


2 comments on “C is for Creativity

  1. Great observation. People do associate creativity with the masters. You don’t have to be Beethoven or Monet to be creative.

  2. So true. To me, creativity is just a way to do things in different ways. No paintings required.

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