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Shiny Happy Searches

These were some of the most amusing from last week. I love looking at this stuff. why did evil dick leave big brother – SEVEN times twitter feuds Gunnar Deatherage trucker mania ooh shiny shirt something shiny underwear shiny hair ties twitter fueds “whatthetext” project runway and speaking foreign jaws comes home – shark week […]

I Saw a Woman at Tim Horton’s Wearing Stealth Crocs

You know the ones I’m talking about. They look like sassy little flats, but they have that unmistakable Croc sponginess. Don’t do that. Don’t wear those. If you like Crocs, wear Crocs. Own  your love of their bulbous sponginess. Don’t try to hide behind non-Croc-shaped-Crocs. Be the Crocs. I tried Crocs on once, but the […]