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A Very Shiny App Review

I’ve tried a few new apps and gadgets over the last few weeks. My priority has been finding a replacement for my Google Reader. Google Reader is going away for good in July if you haven’t heard. I-ve had Flipboard on my iPad forever, but I don’t really use it that often. The feeds feel […]

This is Freaking Hysterical

25 Hilarious Google Search Suggestions Pee before reading. (Thanks Kat)

Eyeball Surgery -Lasik

Note: This is a repost from an old blog of mine that I don’t really update anymore. I had used it mostly to post funny and interesting stuff that I found, but I really use Facebook, Twitter and more recently Google+ and Pinterest pretty heavily, so I’ve all but abandoned it. People have asked about […]

Top Seven Blogs in My Google Reader

Problogger – this is a great site for anyone interested in monetizing their blog or at least taking it more seriously. I’m interested in monetizing like I am in getting thin. It would be great some day, but in the meantime, I’m reading everything I can about it. Get Rich Slowly – A common sense […]

Top Google Searches – ooh something shiny = me

So…Google changed their search algorithms so that users get better results and less nonsensical, spammy stuff. I was worried because it just delights me that this blog is the first thing that comes up if under the “ooh something shiny” search. The first page is just me and a bunch of Harry Potter — even […]