A Very Shiny App Review

I’ve tried a few new apps and gadgets over the last few weeks. My priority has been finding a replacement for my Google Reader. Google Reader is going away for good in July if you haven’t heard. I-ve had Flipboard on my iPad forever, but I don’t really use it that often. The feeds feel random on there and I’m not really a fan of magazine-like feel. I played with Feedly for a while which was just okay.

A week or so I found this review on Lifehacker for Curata Reader and I’m really liking it so far. Very basic and responsive. You can import your feed from Google Reader if you like, but i decided to start from scratch to get rid of some of the clutter.

It works just as well on iPad or iPhone as it does on a pc.

An appI’ve really been enjoying is Trello. This one I found on The Daily Muse (a must-read blog, BTW). It’s a to-do list app that is kind of like the virtual equivalent of index cards on a bulletin board. You can have multiple boards.

I currently have one for work, one for each of my blogs and one for household stuff. There are to do, doing and done groupings for each board and you can add due dates and categories. I’ve only been playing with it for a few days and i know there is additional capability, but it alreadyseems to be replacing Wunderlist for me.

I’m also recommending the Fitbit Zip. It’s basically an electronic pedometer. Once you set it up, you can clip it onto your waistband and forget it. It syncs wirelessly with iPhone 4s or you can use it with a pc. It gives readouts of steps and miles walked, calories burned and has a clock function, so it can serve as a watch replacement. You can track your weight, activities, water and calorie intake. You can also link to other users, but i haven’t used that option.

Also, if you aren’t using Evernote, you should. Its indispensable and deserves its own post.


2 comments on “A Very Shiny App Review

  1. I have been using greader for a long time now for my Google Reader feed. Supposedly it will still work with my current feeds after the official plug is pulled, but I might look at Curata as a back up since I don’t like Feedly.

    I use colornote a lot, which is basically just post-its for the phone, but Trello looks good too. Downloading it now…

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