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Twitter History: A Scary Look Back

Have you requested your twitter history yet? I finally got around to it. When I opened my first account in 2008, I really didn’t know what to do with it. But that was more than 7,000 tweets ago. If you think I’m exaggerating my cluelessness, take a look at my 1st ten tweets.

2008-12-13 learning twitter
2009-03-04 haven’t found a purpose for this yet
2009-04-13 college road tripping
2009-06-12 I saw someone in a Tim Horton’s uniform eating lunch in a cemetary.
2009-10-28 God help us all, I’m going to try actually using this.
2009-10-29 assuming I can figure out how to do it from my phone
2010-09-18 it’s just wrong to wear a dirty GTL shirt to Wegmans
2010-09-19 i’m watching a documentary about a bear hybrid. strong and carnivorius like a polar, fearless and aggressive like a grizzly.
2010-09-19 I’ve had this account for a couple of years but I haven’t really used it. I wonder why I thought I wanted to follow icanhazcheeseburger?
2010-09-20 Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day ye scurvy dogs!
2010-09-20 Why in God’s name do I have cher’s I found someone stuck in my head?

I’ll post again with my best tweets.


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