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Twitter History: A Scary Look Back

Have you requested your twitter history yet? I finally got around to it. When I opened my first account in 2008, I really didn’t know what to do with it. But that was more than 7,000 tweets ago. If you think I’m exaggerating my cluelessness, take a look at my 1st ten tweets. 2008-12-13 learning […]

I Have Been Interested in Politics Since I Was Eight Years Old

Believe it or not, I was having long, sometimes heated conversations with my parents about things like the Vietnam War before I even made it into double digits. I keep up on issues, I read, I listen, I watch and I always always vote. I write to my representatives. It’s been a rocky road some […]

Why I’m Slowly Moving Away From Facebook

I’m slowing moving away from Facebook for a variety of reasons. Top of the list is that I’m not crazy about what a corporate juggernaut it is becoming. Going public never really improves the quality or customer service of a product. Facebook has got it’s place. It’s a great place to keep in touch with […]

Earthquakes: Protecting Your Most Important Assets

My first instinct when I heard about the DC-VA-NYC Earthquake was to text my daughter who is away at college in the eastern part of NY State. The Gospel According to Twitter seemed to indicate that people from North Carolina to Boston were reporting tremors, so it seemed reasonable to check on her. My iPhone […]

Eyeball Surgery -Lasik

Note: This is a repost from an old blog of mine that I don’t really update anymore. I had used it mostly to post funny and interesting stuff that I found, but I really use Facebook, Twitter and more recently Google+ and Pinterest pretty heavily, so I’ve all but abandoned it. People have asked about […]

Twitter Feuds

Up until a couple of days ago I had no idea Twitter Feuds even existed and now two  (!)  have  come to light. The first is a feud between The Bloggess (Mother of Beyonce, the Giant Metal  Chicken) and William Shatner (Father of Space Travel and Discount Hotels). Apparently William Shatner refused her gracious dinner […]

Social Networking Your Way to a New Job

So, this is what I have been doing with the bulk of my free time the last few months (when I am not playing cello!).  I was hit by the layoff shoulder tap twice (!) in the last two years. Each time I found a new job reasonably quickly and a big part of that […]

I Know Why The Caged Bird Tweets

The wife of Liu Xiaobo, this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner was placed under house arrest and her phone access was cut. She was able to issue twitter updates, but apparently that is gone now as well.  He was instrumental in the 1989 Tiananmen Square Protest, actually preventing student deaths by convincing protesters to disburse. […]