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Twitter Feuds

Up until a couple of days ago I had no idea Twitter Feuds even existed and now two  (!)  have  come to light.

The first is a feud between The Bloggess (Mother of Beyonce, the Giant Metal  Chicken) and William Shatner (Father of Space Travel and Discount Hotels).

Apparently William Shatner refused her gracious dinner invitation and blocked her from his twitter feed. Much twire (twitter ire) ensued.

The Bloggess’ loyal fans subsequently blame William Shatner for everything from the French Revolution to Kanye.

See the hilarious results here.

The second  feud is between a particularly vapid chick-lit author and a friend of mine who called the writer out on her Marie Antoinettesque twining (twitter whining).

It’s not even an actual feud, more of a gentle reminder that there are some less fortunate than she.  The writer had a rather surprising reaction.

You’ll have to take my word that this author (buy my book) can dish the snark (buy my book) but not take it.

And feel free to fill me in on any other Twitter Feuds you are aware of.

Unless they involve Kanye


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