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Project Runway – Make it Work

Another season of Project Runway begins on Lifetime tonight. I still haven’t really gotten over it moving from Bravo. Lifetime doesn’t seem to handle it as well. For one thing, they don’t rerun the episodes enough. I do like that they go behind the scenes and introduce the models. Michael Kors, Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia return as well as Tim Gunn as his usual sardonic self.

New format — 20 designers called, 4 will be eliminated tonight. Here are the 20. I wont spoil the final 16.

Burt Keeter
Rafael Cox
Danielle Everine
Joshua McKinley
Julie Tierney
David Chum
Laura Kathleen
Kimberly Goldson
Anya AYoung-Chee
Becky Ross
Bryce Black
Olivier Green
Josh Christensen
Viktor Luna
Amanda Perna
Fallene Wells
Gunnar Deatherage
Cecelia Motwani
Serena De Conceicao
Anthony Ryan Auld

The first challenge is fun and insane. They are also using really cool HP Tablets to sketch with. The secret words tonight are fashion backward, pubic patch and nut juice. There is a color blind competitor, one who learned to sew only months ago and one who has been out of the field for some time. There is also a former Miss Universe contestant.

There is also a designer who is rockin’ one. You’ll find out soon enough what that means. (hint- Lance Armstrong)

Quote of the night: “Are you speaking foreign?”

I don’t think anyone will be surprised at the winner or the loser.


One comment on “Project Runway – Make it Work

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