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A Very Shiny App Review

I’ve tried a few new apps and gadgets over the last few weeks. My priority has been finding a replacement for my Google Reader. Google Reader is going away for good in July if you haven’t heard. I-ve had Flipboard on my iPad forever, but I don’t really use it that often. The feeds feel […]

I Love My Twenty Dollar Target Man Bag

I stumbled across this at Target a few months back and I’ve been carrying it ever since. I devote entirely too much time to finding the perfect bag. I don’t buy expensive bags or designer labels. I don’t think I’ve broken the fifty dollar mark, but I’m always on the hunt. The perfect bag for […]

Why Apple is Awesome

Went to the apple store at the mall. K dropped her touch in a clean toilet last week and it hasn’t functioned since. We took it to the Apple store. It was packed, which is what you would expect of a store full of expensive merchandise in the Rust Belt during a recession. We had […]