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I Love My Twenty Dollar Target Man Bag

I stumbled across this at Target a few months back and I’ve been carrying it ever since.


I devote entirely too much time to finding the perfect bag. I don’t buy expensive bags or designer labels. I don’t think I’ve broken the fifty dollar mark, but I’m always on the hunt.

The perfect bag for me would be like Hermione’s evening bag; a tiny bag of infinite capacity.

So I have resigned myself to multiple bags. This one for daily hauling, a cute black leather studded number for weekends and a wristlet for concerts and the like, which also serves as an everyday wallet.

This bag is great for hauling things to the office, or setting up for a couple of hours at a coffee shop


It has room for:

My gen 1 iPad

Action Day Planner

Copies of Wired and Writer’s Digest

Touchscreen sensitive gloves




For smaller things, there is a zippered pocket and I bought a small insert for assorted girl stuff and accoutrements:

Sharpie Pens



Mascara (Clinique Lash-Doubling)

Eyeliner (Buxom Black Insider)

Lipstick or gloss (Dior Show Lipbalm and Burts Bees tinted balm.)

I can even toss a cardigan or bottle of water in there.

Update– I took the pictures in this post a couple of weeks ago, but I’m posting it now after seeing this on Lifehacker– one of my favorite websites:

Show us your bag.


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