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Guilty Pleasure: Big Brother 13

Big Brother 13 starts tonight. Big Brother is our family show in the summer. It’s total trash TV, but it’s fun to watch the challenges and their antics.

I could never deal with being on that show. I could never stand being cut of from the world, I would go nuts not reading, I get sick of people pretty quickly and I’m too picky to survive on slop. I’m also not much good at being duplicitous.

I’m not much for spoilers, but I have heard that they are bringing back some former players. The possibilities I have heard are: Jeff and Jordan -yes- too cute, Brandon and Rachel – I don’t remember them too well. All that really registered with me is her shrill voice and big boobs and him allowing her to lead him around by his…um…nose.

Also, I heard Evil Dick may be back. This would be a dealbreaker for me if he is not eliminated quickly. I didn’t finish out watching the season he was on and if he is back, I’ll just have to find alternate sources of summer entertainment.

He’s just intolerable.

* UPDATE – Apparently I was misinformed (shocker) there will be a new cast, but a couple of oldbies will be voted back in by viewers. You can vote here.


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