The Most Interesting Searches In The World

Well maybe not, but these are some of the crazy and not so crazy searches that led readers to my site since I began my blog last year:

  1. lenten sacrifice
  2. sleeping drunk gay
  3. carmageddon toronto
  4. fear of armored trucks
  5. blog oooh something shiny
  6. philosophy peppermint bark sticky
  7. millionaire matchmaker gay man season 3
  8. meh
  9. gay guy on millionaire matchmaker
  10. the hunger games book two
  11. lawrence block word press
  12. hogweed new york
  13. man on millionaire matchmaker who had his “boys”
  14. ice road truckers
  15. millionaire matchmaker not millionaires
  16. kanye ed hardy
  17. lenten scarf
  18. top google search
  19. pinball brain -controlled
  20. the cage bird tweets
  21. catholicism and voodoo
  22. st joseph statue to sell house
  23. what’s something shiny
  24. something about scarf
  25. big boobs on big brother  3
  26. whats something thats always shiny
  27. how do i find out the top searches for something?
  28. ice road trucker
  29. ed hardy
  30. how do you get something at the top of google
  31. top wordpress photography blogs
  32. how to add google reader to wordpress
  33. bible study for girl fights
  34. hogweed
  35. shiny yellow scarf
  36. sharkdog
  37. ooh something shinty
  38. warped tour really hot
  39. illscarlett warped  20 tracks 5
  40. gone too soon amy
  41. why did evil dick leave
  42. cat burglar books
  43. ice truckers girl with kenworth tattoo
  44. big brother  3 guilt
  45. google and giant hogweed
  46. ninja weight lifting
  47. prayer to keep lenten sacrifice
  48. tie dyed hair ends
  49. top feeds in google reader
  50. the women of ice road maya sieber tattoos

This is without even including the many ways people spell oooh something shiny. A lot of millionaire matchmaker. A lot of google stuff, a lot of big brother. But meh? Who searches for meh?


6 comments on “The Most Interesting Searches In The World

  1. reminds me the guy mister bark who plays the piano in briefs lol

  2. I think “meh” is a funny search term. I might actually go search with it just to see the results… 🙂

  3. Pinball brain controlled has to be my favorite.

  4. I honestly have searched meh before hahah

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