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Awkward Photojournalism

One of the best things about having an iPhone, or any camera with a phone for that matter, is that it’s easy to take pictures of the crazy things you see in your day. It frequently saves me money as well, because I can just take pictures of stuff I think is cool rather than buying it and letting it clutter up my house. (Take THAT Consumer Confidence Index!)

Here are just a few that I have come across in my travels.

Pat the Zombie

This is a horrifying spoof of the children’s classic Pat the Bunny which I spotted at Barnes and Noble. I’m pretty sure my 18-year-old was traumatized.

Headlights are for Cars

Wow. Wow. Truth in advertising I suppose, but really? I guess it gets the message across. We saw this in Kohl’s today. My daughter may have sprained her eye-rolling muscle.

How to Raise Goats

I managed to resist this tempting and informative book at Lowes and just leave with 867 paint chips. I’m not sure how my daughter felt about modeling a goat book, but that is a great dress.

Flying Cats

This disturbing picture is from an earlier trip to Lowes. I think that the prospect of Flying Cats is even scarier than Flying Monkeys, but that may be because I am violently allergic to cats and the idea of being dander-bombed by a Flying Cat is terrifying. Even the Flying Dog looks intimidated.

Emo Zombie

This was from last fall. It was on the counter in the coffee shop in Barnes and Noble and I fell in love. I have gotten infinite mileage out of this little Emo Zombie Doll, but he is not catching dust in my house. #winning


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