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Guys With Bald Heads and Facial Hair Always

Make me think of Wooly Willy. And if you are getting a slight Panic! at the Disco aftertaste from that title, it’s justified. They are coming to a small, local venue and I just bought my ticket.

I’m determined to buy tickets as soon as I know about shows now because of the Black Keys debacle. I waivered on buying tickets because the show was the same week as Girl Talk and Warped, and I just thought, “No. No that is just too much awesome music.” By the time I decided to go, it was too late. The show (with Cage the Elephant!) was sold out. Gah!

One show I have not decided on is the Foo Fighters. They are coming to the HSBC Arena. As much as I like Foo Fighters, I really don’t care for arena shows. They’re  just too big and impersonal.

I prefer smaller shows where the lead singer may be manning the merch table:

Vince Walker of Suburban Legends at the Town Ballroom

Letting you play his bass:

Jonny D, illScarlett bassist letting his fans play his instrument

Shaking hands from onstage:

Or signing autographs and chatting about the local music scene for a few moments:

Sara Elizabeth, local Buffalo songstress, makes the ukelele look cool

I love small venues  because I like to be able to weave my way to the front of the stage or hand back and take in the big picture. While I don’t get into mosh pits, I never mind being mosh-adjacent. I’m not a big fan of being stuck in the same seat for two or three hours.

Right now, I have tickets for Panic! at the Disco in November, Yo-Yo Ma in December. I’m considering Foo Fighters, Big D and the Kids Table, Umphrees McGee and Yellowcard, all coming this fall.

Tell me in your comments what you like about concert events.


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