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Gleeks, Geeks and Freaks, But Not Enough Puck

Glee 3D was not exactly the movie I expected, but still really fun. Way too short, actually. It was an in-character concert event with peeks behind the scenes and fan interviews. The only thing that confused me was that I couldn’t tell if the fans being interviewed were actual fans of the show, or actors playing fans of the characters in the show. (No, YOU Google it. I don’t care that much.) But that may have been entirely too meta for a Saturday afternoon.

The wardrobe was pretty low-key. (except Brittany’s which was low fabric). They wore items that high-schoolers on a budget might pick out. I noted that Santana was wearing black knee socks with short black boots which I thought looked really cool, but I’m not entirely sure if a middle-aged woman should look to a slutty teenage character for fashion tips. The choreography and production were polished and amazing.

There was a number featuring each student character. There were no “adults” other than Spanish teacher Gwyneth Paltrow, who answers the eternal question, “Who on earth could be slim enough to wear a skirt with such awkward pockets?” The fact that most of these teens are played by adults in their late twenties is the only thing preventing middle-aged flash mobs stampeding confessionals nationwide.

There was not enough Puck, but there is never enough Puck. I was really disappointed that he didn’t reprise his version of Beck’s Loser, my favorite Glee song ever. In one episode, he even managed to make Sweet Caroline tolerable, which I never would have believed possible. There was also no Toxic by Brittany playing Britney. Quelle Dommage.


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