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Awkward Photojournalism

All the Absurdity that’s fit to print. By popular demand (okay, you got me. It’s just me. I really like doing these) here are more of my Awkward Photojournalism pics from around town:

I spotted this at Barnes and Noble. A handly little book for you to write down all your passwords and set next to your computer. So much more tasteful than a post-it note. Thousands of IT professionals just shuddered and they don’t know why.

Speaking of Post-It Notes, I found this little gem in the copy of A Moveable Feast that I borrowed from the library. SOMEone has astonishing insights regarding Hemingway and Fitzgerald.

I bought these squash last year and I couldn’t resist taking a picture. I call it Squash Henge. You’re gonna have to write your own caption though.

This is an albino deer that lives in the woods outside my office. I call him Moby Deer, but maybe Bambi Dick would be better.

If anyone has any pictures they would like me to include, send them along, but remember this is a family blog


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