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Labor Day is the Last Day of Summer- Deal With It

You know it is. On the calendar, it’s not until like the 20th of September, but c’mon. If you haven’t done whatever you planned to do over the summer, it’s too late. But not to worry, it’s clean slate time. None of us have really ever moved from the academic calendar we have been following since kindergarten, so Happy New Year. Here’s a bit of a roundup:

Quote of the Week

From Project Runway Avant Garde Challenge- Michael Kors on Cranky Bert’s hideous Tweedledum Wear:

“It looked like something a Teletubby would wear to a party.” —Michael Kors

15 Odd Searches That Lead to My Blog

  1. giant metal chicken
  2. dcups
  3. the hunger games scarves
  4. why did evil dick leave
  5. millionaire matchmaker crazy gay guy
  6. shiny crocs
  7. unpleasant millionaires
  8. big boobs for the truckers in the road
  9. gay hunger games
  10. ahiny wanhouse
  11. f scott fitzgerald writing style
  12. what facial hair is hot on guys  2011
  13. how do the jersey shore clean their clothes
  14. yarmulke@bra
  15. jaws was filmed in cape cod

I can’t help but think that my blog must be horribly disappointing to a lot of these searchers.

Awkward Photojournalism

No more bending to clean my feet??? Thank you Jesus!! I may just start showering again!

Sharkdog Update

Sharkdog is taking a break from Doghenge to help us strip the kitchen wallpaper. My husband saw her and wanted to clean the wallpaper scraps off of her. I wanted to take a picture. So if you ever watch America’s Funniest Home Videos and wonder who sees their kid fall off a swingset and break their arm and grabs a video camera instead of taking them to the hospital, now you know.

Hope you’re having a great Labor Day Weekend!


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